What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement, without being so loose that it masks your form. Socks with rubber "grippy" soles are preferred, but don't worry if you don't have any. We can provide rubber mats if needed.
What should I bring?
Most importantly, the mental readiness and intention to focus on how you are using your body, as this is key to benefiting from Pilates. A bottle of water to keep hydrated, and a small towel to support your head and keep yourself dry and comfortable.

How early should I arrive?
Please arrive on time, or just a few minutes before as we do not have a waiting room and some classes run back to back. If it's raining, be sure to bring an umbrella!

How long are classes?
Both private and group classes are 60 minutes long.
Can I bring a friend to class?
Of course, they just need to book in and pay online before attending.

Please also check the level of the intended class is suitable for your friend. If they are new to Reformer Pilates, they will need to attend a private 1:1 class, or our Absolute Beginners class on a Friday. A further option would be to attend a 2:1 private class together.

What if I need to cancel my class?
The the studio operates a 24 hour cancellation policy for group classes, and 48 hours for private classes. Please sign into your Mindbody account using your and rearrange or cancel your sessions as needed.



I’ve never done Pilates on a Reformer before. Which class should I take?
Private sessions are highly recommended as a first step into the world of Pilates, providing a tailored introduction to the machines and method. Our teachers will assess your fitness and ability level, and recommend what the next step on your journey should be.

We also run a weekly Complete Beginners class on Fridays at 14:00 if you would prefer to move directly into a group.

Please note that private sessions are a requirement if you have been recommended to do Pilates by your physiotherapist or doctor.

What is the difference between Reformer Pilates and mat work?
Our lovely studio is fully equipped with 9 Pilates Allegro® Studio Reformers. Designed to work with the body, the Reformer features adjustable springs that are used to alter the degree of resistance, and facilitate over 500 different Pilates exercises. Compared with the 34 exercises that feature in Pilates mat work, the huge scope and variety of potential movements will keep your body and mind interested and engaged.

Training with resistance is essential to encourage muscular development, which in turn will lead to faster and more effective results. Vive la résistance!

Additionally, the range of motion of exercises are greatly improved when performed on the reformer, which should contribute to greater flexibility and strength.

We also use a Wunda Chair and two Core Align machines. Please note that these facilities are only available with certain instructors.

Am I the right age for Pilates?

‘If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.’ - Joseph Pilates

We offer a range of classes of varying intensities suitable for all levels and ages, whether you're 18 or 88. If you are under 18, a form of consent will need to be signed by your guardian. Please be aware that private classes are needed if you have a chronic physiological issue.
Can Pilates fix my lower back pain?
There are several causes of lower back pain, but one of the many benefits of Pilates is that it will strengthen your Deep Core Stability Muscles. Development of these muscles combined with the loosening of tightness through active stretching should contribute to the alleviation of lower back pain.

Please note if you have had an injury, or suffer an illness, check with your medical practitioner before embarking on your Pilates journey.

Feeling like you've tried everything already? This inspiring article on the NHS website about one woman's back pain story can be found here.

Can Pilates fix my neck pain?
Pilates develops postural muscles and improves bodily alignment. Years of sitting at a desk with improper posture can have detrimental effects to these muscles, resulting in imbalances, tightness and eventually pain. Under our instruction, we can help you combat imbalances by strengthening these muscles, and teaching you to be mindful of alignment. The results can be life-changing.

Again please note if you have had an injury, or suffer from an illness, please get the all clear from your medical practitioner before embarking on your Pilates journey.

Can Pilates help me lose weight?
Pilates is a fantastically versatile form of exercise which can contribute to weight loss, and a generally better appearance through improved posture and strength.

It is important to remember that weight is primarily controlled through dieting, so in order to see the best results you must be eating healthily.

Can I do Pilates pregnant?
We do not offer group classes for pregnant clients, but you can attend private sessions with an experienced teacher who can provide the focus you will need to do Pilates safely.
Do you offer post-natal Pilates classes?
We do not offer specialised post-natal Pilates, so a private class would be the first step for anyone looking to join our studio. In that 1-1 environment, our instructors can assess whether our group classes will work for you. Pilates is considered to be extremely benificial for the body post-pregnancy.
Is Pilates also for men?
Definitely. A number of our instructors and many of our students are male, and the credentials of the founder of the method Joseph Pilates speak for themselves; police trainer for Scotland Yard, circus performer and boxer. Arguably he was the manliest man who ever manned.

The Studio

Where is The Studio located?
Conveniently located in North London, our boutique studio is situated in the annex of:

41 The Green,
N14 6EN

Our entrance is to the left of two, yellow garage doors and has a buzzer marked ‘Studio’.

We have great transport links from Barnet, Oakwood, Enfield, Winchmore Hill and Palmers Green, and are a 10-minute walk from Southgate station. If you use the buses, we are right next to ‘Meadway (Stop A)’, and across the road from ‘Ye Olde Cherry Tree (Stop U)’.

Parking is available in the driveway of our premises, or outside Asquith Salcombe Day Nursery and Pre-School.

Do you allow drop-ins?
Unfortunately not. You will need to book and pay for any class online before attending. With our online bookings system, this can be done via your computer or smart phone at any time - even on your way to the studio! Login or setup your new account using your .
What can I do if the class I want to attend is fully booked?
Using our website, you can sign up to the waiting list for your desired class, and you will automatically be notified if anyone cancels. Login or setup a new account .
Can I come and see the studio before booking?
Certainly! There are classes running 6 days of the week (we are closed on Sundays). Please check the class timetable, and try not turn up mid-class as it disrupts the flow of the lession. If this happens, the teacher will politely ask you to come back at a more suitable time.
Do you have a changing room?
We have a bathroom where you can freshen up, but due to the size of our studio we recommend that you change at home.