Picking the right class

Whether you’re just beginning your pilates journey, or a life long practitioner, we offer a range of classes to suit all abilities.

We recommend all new clients begin with an initial 1:1 Private induction and assessment. If you have any injuries or pre-existing conditions that effect your mobility, then this is a requirement before joining a group class.



Our popular Group Classes are 60 minutes long, and give up to 9 students access to their own Balanced Body Allegro Reformer.

Level 0: COMPLETE BeginnerS

An induction class to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method, and get to grips with the Reformer machine.

Level 1: Elementary

The entry level to Group Pilates in terms of the complexity of exercises and weights involved.

Level 2: Intermediate

The transitional class level between Elementary and Advanced in terms of exercise complexity and weight strength.

Level 3: Mixed Ability

Mixed level exercises that can be adapted to suit different abilities, with variable complexity and weight strength.

Level 4: Advanced

Our highest level of pilates in terms of the complexity of exercises and the weights involved.


Private sessions

Our private sessions are the perfect way to introduce yourself to the Pilates method. Working at your own pace with one of our expert Instructors, you’ll receive a tailored assessment and the guidance you need to achieve your personal fitness goals using our Reformer machines.

We often receive referrals from doctors and physiotherapists, and the Reformer is an excellent tool for rehabilitation. You can experience the full benefit of the studio with the use of specialist equipment like our Wunda Chair and Core Align machines.*

Already know your stuff? Don’t rule out a private session yet, they’re a fantastic way to take your practise to the next level, focusing on refining your form and technique.

Lastly, if you would prefer some company, book in with a friend, colleague or family member, and experience the benefits together in a 2:1 or 3+ session, before making the move into one of our group classes.

*only available with selected instructors. Please enquire before booking.